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What to do about this situation


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Honestly, I think the best way is to fight back, but only if you're defending yourself (meaning, don't start any physical altercations first until they make the first move). It lets the bully know that you won't let anyone fuck with you, and lets everyone else witnessing it know the same. If you defend yourself, they'll stop because bullies only go after people they think are vulnerable and won't do anything about it.
That's all true. One of my kids got a black eye when someone threw a punch at him. Next time he grabbed the other kid by the wrist and somehow or other managed to break the attacker's arm. At the same time, I think he could have been in trouble himself if a teacher who was walking by hadn't witnessed the whole thing.

Anti -bullying policies need to be implemented. Once the school is alerted, more should be done to supervise and closely monitor the situation.

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