What was the last thing you ate?


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Lol me too, and ya I love how there's so many different recipes for things online. Sometimes ideas of things will just "pop into my head" like I never heard of them or knew if they were even a "thing" but after doing a search for it I end up finding out it IS a thing, and lots of recipes for making it too! :) Love when that happens.

Last thing I ate was some Cheetos flavored Lays chips (they are very yummy, gonna go have some more now lol) :)
Yeah it's rare that you can come up with a totally original idea nowadays, especially with 8 billion people in the world and all the ones who existed up to this point. At least there's recipes at our fingertips, so that is convenient. :D That sounds good, I might have had those before. I think the last thing I ate was chocolate ice cream and a donut with chocolate frosting and M&M's, But I haven't eaten since last night so I need to eat soon :D


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Triscuits with mozza cheese melted on them (so yummy, have to be very careful about not eating many triscuits cos of how crunchy they are, very hard for me cos I love them so much lol oh well) :p
those ar e so goood! I remember the other ones that are kind of like it, only thinner--& crunchier? If that's th eway to describe it, (bets?)? Mmm.. Yes, moderation; is maybe the key - :)
mashed potatoes and corn w/butter~ sweetness divine^

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