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Where to go if you can't trust your local medical "profressionals"

I am a spouse of a navy veteran, who has struggled with depression since we have met. After her service and having many health issuse (mainly physical). She started school during school life was to hard, so she sought help from the (VA mental health)... Honestly to me that was the true start of the nightmare. Then came the pills and pills... And then she had to be admitted a few times for suicide feels and the final was an attempt leaving her neck with a ruptured disc, I insisted she go to local ER that moment.... The ER kept her on their hold as we knew they would but neglected her medication. After being in a room alone no meds for 12 hrs because they couldn't place her. The Doctor tackles my wife at one point who is about 104lb tops and sits on her chest to which she could not breathe so she bite him in defense as well as another orderly in the process. She was admitted and a week later back home... Months went by and things were good till a knock on my door. Police, bounty hounters? Warrant for her arrest? Two felony assault on peace officers? Scary thing was the hell and torment she went true in there with no glasses no meds and more... Three days I fought just to get some info about her ( i didn't even knows or sure where she was) ... Finally got her out after three days just to find her in the hospital for another attempt... This legal battle you can image not much better... Money Money Money. More depression, oh and don't mind our sons being autistic... The separation issues they now have.... So can any tell me.... Is there help? As a veteran myself it pains me to think we might benefit by moving out of the country. I have her for now so I will try to teach her how cherish what she has in the moment. Good food proper diet and exercise helps but hard due to poor health info given. I can help alil with teas, herbs, spices .. But I'm no "Professional". Much love to all and please tell someone if you feeling unsafe.
Sorry to hear that you and she are going through this

I guess one thing to try is calling 211 or visiting 211.org. They may have some ideas about healthcare and other services, or not. Probably worth a try.

The links in my signature are to the "member resources forum", here on SF. There's information on treatment methods there that might be worth trying
Thank you, i have called talk to so many people, no one has an answer but as for her shes good now ups and downs, but who doent these days. Were getting through it, but i just pray this isnt happing to others who seek help let alone U.S. Veterans. I never would have imagined. To have served your country honorably and be treated like that for seeking help. No legal issues before or after.... I could go on. But i leave with this... Keep pushing on, never let others dictate how you feel, no one ever knows all of you so theres almost always misunderstanding. Live long and love beyond thoughts grasp.

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Does anyone care, As a fellow veteran who had to fight VA to get medical 2 years ago I understand what you are going through. I am 58 my life is almost over. I dread having to go back to the VA as I think it causes more stress than what I need but I now have no insurance as I quit my job because of depression and anxiety. I have a small pension coming in from another job I retired from but it is not enough to live on.

Thank you and your wife for your service.

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