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This world is not worth the effort.

The government is falling apart and corrudded with people who do not even beleive in liberty.

This site is corruded with people who think it is bad to say why , 3 times , and who threw me off the site for more than 2 weeks for that . But people whos say that God is a dog are plauded. This site has many mods and anmin's who do not welcome people such as myself . This site used to throw/move people around from one room to other rooms for no reasonable reason. But todays , "God is a dog" is so unacceptable that I cannot beleive that the mod or admin thinks it is acceptable.

I am at my worst place from the anti- hormones, and from the anti - androgens. And I finally have a plan . A real , workable plan.

Coming here today has shown me that this world is just not worth bothering.
Yo, not necessarily I don't know what posts you saw here bout bad mouthin God. I promise ya this: there are more than a few of us who don't take shit like that. I hate it too. Worlds always gonna be jacked up. Only so much can be done bout it. Givin up on yourself ensures you'll never see it better. Don't do it. Keep me posted aight, I've seen ya round here for a while and I don't wanna see ya disappear.


We either find a way, or make one.
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I am sorry you feel the way you do sadcat about SF. This place has done so many amazing things for so many amazing people. Its not perfect, what is, but it helps a tremendous amount of people who would otherwise find sites all about how and why they should harm themselves. That has to count for a lot.

Also in the rules of the site, there is zero tolerance to preaching the word of any religion. The owners made that rule for valid reasons and we have to accept that whether we agree with it or not.

I have never once seen any post that criticises any deity of any faith and I know for certain that if any staff member did see anything like that, something would be done about it.

I hope you can find some peace in your life.
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