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Why Isn't Anybody Telling Me?!

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Hi. So I started going to my therapist again, and after telling her how I've been doing (usually happy but with these periods of time where I feel frightened/anxious/incredibly sad), she started me on 0.25 mg Risperdal. Now, at first, she didn't even want to tell me the name of the medicine, and both my parents hesitated as well (they're doctors). I know the uses of the drug, I know it's used for bipolar and schizophrenia, but is there any other uses of it? Don't get me wrong, it's not like I am ashamed or anything, but nobody's actually telling me the diagnosis, and I think I'm jumping into abrupt conclusions (I always do that). Can somebody help me? It's okay if you guys don't respond, I just needed to let it out, I guess.


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You don't have to be psychotic to be prescribed risperdal, about 3 years ago I was prescribed it to help with my sleep. It gave me a psychotic episode and never took it again, afraid of my life to take it again, I'm not trying to frighten you just sharing my experience with this drug. I think you should ask clear and loud what your diagnosis is? Your mom and dad both doctors, wow that is impressive, I'm sure they want to stay out of it though and leave it to your personal psych! Best of luck with this drug. Psych meds can be hit and miss. I hope it works out well for you and I am really glad to hear you are not ashamed of what you have been prescribed! well done. good self esteem I can sense :)


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I don't really know a lot about psych medicine, but I do know, as @Petal said that some medicine have different uses for different diagnoses... like, I was given Seroquel (which is also an anti-psychotic) to help me rest and sleep after a visit to a psych ER.

You have a right to know your diagnosis, ask them!


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Your choice and if you're taking the risperdal without knowing why they gave it to you then I don't know other than contacting the person who prescribed this why they prescribed it. Labels are not necessary to worry about its the symptoms why this medication was prescribed. Some do it off label reasons risperdal is widely used for various reasons not just for those two mental illness you have mentioned just FYI.
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