Your Dream Personality?

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by booklovr, Jul 8, 2016.

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  1. booklovr

    booklovr Well-Known Member

    i can bet yall have that one perfect personality that you maybe someone with a lot of self confidence..or maybe someone who keeps cool in crisis..all these virtues...that you someday want to see in yourself..the person you want to become as you grow ....
    tell me..whats your dream personality?

    heres mine in a short para :::

    I see myself as a tall woman clad in an elegant saree walking the streets with my head held high..i want her to face life with boldness and the world with courage.she has a personality that commands respect.

    I want to her to have principles and an intelligent understanding of the world and its people.

    I want her to not get swayed by the torrents of life but commandeer the waves with her wisdom.i want her to look beyond material pleasures at the things that actually matter.

    I want her to be kind but firm. well read and brimming with knowledge.she will have the piercing eyes of the wise Athena and the spirit of a huntress like that of the maiden artemis.

    I will be a walking art..reverberating depth and culture.i will be the pride of my parents with my honesty and integrity.i will be fearless and loyal and beautiful and loved….
  2. Huw

    Huw Well-Known Member

    This man is contented with who I am, where I am and why I am.

    If the richest man in the world were to stand next to me and while wearing my shoes. Was able to know what I know, feel how I feel and understand what I have been given to understand. He would offer me everything he has just to keep the shoes. I would turn down that offer.

    "Reverence with contentment is great gain."
  3. booklovr

    booklovr Well-Known Member

    nothing can surpass the value of satisfaction that you impressed...
    but only if you dont mind me asking..
    if your so satisfied and your life is so complete .. what are you doing on this website?
  4. Huw

    Huw Well-Known Member

    I came here a few years ago out of curiosity about what people understood by suicide. I’d been doing a study on the subject and typed the word into Google.

    On my first visits I had a message from a Mod telling me there had been complaints about my “unsupportive posts”. I explained that what I’d said was true, but she admitted she didn’t understand what I was saying. So I left.

    I came back a while ago and was moved by the plight of so many people. I noticed that the symptoms that people were experiencing were the same or similar to what I once felt. I know for an absolute fact that medical science and the attending “shrinks” are only treating the effects and not the cause of the complaint. I was hoping to set a few things straight in a “supportive” manner. The unfortunate thing is that support is not the answer. It’s not support that the plant needs its a complete transplanting.
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