anger issues

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    I have anger issues.

    I have anger issues. I want to stop feeling this way but I don't know what the problem is. I don't know if I'm a narcissist, have a victim complex, just an asshole, or something else. I went on Facebook today looking for a recipe my parents wanted my aunt to send them. When looking for it, I...
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    Has anyone on here had experience being in a relationship with a real life yandere? For those who don't know "Yandere" is derived from the Japanese words yanderu, meaning insane or sick, and deredere, meaning affectionate or loving. Simply put, a yandere is someone who is lovesick; someone who...
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    Past abuse is affecting my marriage

    My first relationship (we were 14 years old) was an abusive one from beginning to end. The abuse began with my boyfriend relentlessly pressuring me to be intimate with him and allowing his older brother to make crude, sexual comments towards me about my body as if I were an object and not a...