1. Scytaic

    My cat of 17 years passed away

    My 17yo cat, Tinkabell passed away on Friday. I've had her her whole life and she has always meant the world to me. Back before 2013, I was at a very low place, I was living with my abusive brother, I had no friends, the village was so awful I kept myself housebound mainly in my room, I was...
  2. CBunny9

    My favorite thing is cuddling with my babe

    Show me your fur babies 😻
  3. CandleLight

    I've lost everything, but my horse

    I am here because I want to stay alive. I have had an incredibly difficult year, and it would probably make a lot of sense to many people in my situation, to just give up. Last April I thought I was going to marry my boyfriend. He was scary and controlling but I didn't really see it then. We...