1. Mongrel Skull

    Schizotypal personality disorder

    Anybody else here have it? It causes me to have beliefs that no one else has such as I believe that vampires, werewolves, dragons, griffins, gremlins, and unicorns exist. I also believe that <mod edit - guidelines>. I also feel like I'm a dog inside a human body. I bark, howl, and drag my butt...
  2. xXFaiaEmburemXx

    One of my dogs hate me.

    I have two Boston Terriers, my older one being part Pitbull and my younger one being a [possibly inbred] regular Boston Terrier. I'm very upset about my younger dog (the pure Boston). We got her from an Amish breeder not knowing we were getting a dog from what looked to be puppy mill (I was dumb...
  3. CandleLight

    I've lost everything, but my horse

    I am here because I want to stay alive. I have had an incredibly difficult year, and it would probably make a lot of sense to many people in my situation, to just give up. Last April I thought I was going to marry my boyfriend. He was scary and controlling but I didn't really see it then. We...