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Schizotypal personality disorder

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Anybody else here have it? It causes me to have beliefs that no one else has such as I believe that vampires, werewolves, dragons, griffins, gremlins, and unicorns exist. I also believe that <mod edit - guidelines>. I also feel like I'm a dog inside a human body. I bark, howl, and drag my butt across the floor even in public. Because of all this, I have a hard time relating to people.
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I have just been diagnosed with this. Scaring the shit out of me at present.

Have you found any treatment/therapy/drugs that help?


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Do you read a lot of books relating to this topic?

And dragging your butt across the floor do you know why dogs do this?


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I have schizophrenia. I was diagnosed in 2005. I have stopped taking medications for the past five or six months. I am just numb throughout the day. I can't sleep at night and so I sleep at day


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i might have been diagnosed with this (just said "personality disorder", axis something or other; my only real diagnosis is schizophrenia, paranoid type - but this is misleading because i am not really a suspicious paranoid type of person). ANYWAY, my name should give away the fact that i am kind of weird. i am afterlifepig! i engage in a lot of magical thinking - beliefs of reference, all of that. and i can even explain in plain English why i do it and why it works for me, but i won't. that's part of it.

my meds are a bitch. i am trying to get work done on my video game project, but i'm so tired all the time. i still make progress, albeit slowly. stupid meds.

edit: i didn't see your first post. i'm a unicorn in addition to being an afterlifepig, i should say. i don't know if i agree with your beliefs except in a metaphorical sense, but hey, a little crazy is fine with me lol


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I have only a bit of schizophrenia..only like hallucinations and delusions...sometimes yes it's hard to think in a right way with all this negativity putting you down....somehow I learned to manage my symptoms and live a healthy life now....
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