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jims cafe

  1. WatchingPlanesFlyBy

    Jim's Cafe Wednesday April 26 2017

    Goooooooood afternoon darling patrons, the cafe is open! Today we're having....drum roll please :eek: Pho! Yummy delicious fills you right up Vietnamese soup! There's the traditional beef MMMMM Doesn't that look delicious? We also have a veggie option with tofu. YUM! Today's Challenge...
  2. WatchingPlanesFlyBy

    Jim's Cafe Monday March 6th 2017

    Well it's here at last. It's your favorite day of the week! To kick this week off, I'm brewing up some extra strong coffee and espressos for anyone interested. We also have some delicious black teas for us tea snobs :rolleyes: And for the first time I've made a full English Breakfast so...
  3. WatchingPlanesFlyBy

    Jim's Cafe Thursday March 2nd 2017

    Good afternoon/morning/evening all you wonderful folk! The cafe is open! I was having a cruddy morning but I'm feeling better so I made some delicious Japanese Curry (no seriously I did, it's bubbling on the stove right now) For the cafe I have made several variations: beef, seafood and...