job trouble

  1. Depressed in SF

    Quitting my job (ever done it?)

    I work for one of the most prestigious companies in the world. I have a very important job and make a lot of money...............and I'm totally miserable. Every morning when its time to face the day, I have a panic attack and want to puke. I feel like a failure and I'm full of shame...but I...
  2. F

    I Should Just Quit

    Ugh... I knew that this job was stupid and pointless. After basically having to stalk the HR department just to get them to properly fill out my tax withholding form, get my training done, AND get my benefits. I get an email today saying to me that in 3 weeks I will be deallocated. No one...
  3. Talia862

    I really want to die

    I am feeling so miserable tonight. My RA (rhemuatoid arthritis) is terrible lately- I am in constant physical pain that is driving me out of my mind. I keep taking pills to help but nothing works for very long. Pretty soon I'm going to need a walker everywhere I go and I already need a...