1. T

    A thing I do in the morning that really helps

    Hey guys, I wanted to give back to the community since u guys have helped me a lot in the past month or so. This may not be for everyone but it's something that I do that I kind really helps settle my mind before I start my day. I like to wake up in the early morning before the sun rises, and...
  2. CBunny9

    Does anyone else use a bullet journal?

    I started one this week and I’m obsessed. In case anyone doesn’t know what it is, I’ll throw some links down at the bottom of this post cause it’s AMAZING. I’m using mine as a planner, a journal, as well as a tracker for things like shows or movies I want to watch, books I want to read, my...
  3. CBunny9


    ive been really consistent with journaling lately and it’s actually kind of helpful in processing things on my own between therapy sessions. I also carry my Polaroid camera around and paste the photos I take in my journal which somehow gives me incentive to write more often. Anyway, something...