last hope

  1. WhiteRice

    I am a pathetic human being and I can never recover. I am a lost cause, incel, stupid and sad piece of trash. Pls help I will listen this time.

    Ever since I was young I could never grasp the concept of learning from my mistakes. I am too stupid to learn from them even though I am 20. I am probably one of the most pathetic human beings you could ever know. I am a 20-year-old loser with Aspergers that lives with his parents. I dropped out...
  2. S

    Everything is crumbling.

    I feel lost and the desire to live is slowly fading. I felt happy and then it was crushed in a matter of moments. I want to left alone at this point. I want to disappear. I’m tired of being embarrassed. I just want things to be calm. I have recently broken off friendships with a few friends and...