1. LynxStars

    Should I go to a doctor?

    I had depression for 5 years at the past. Then, I met my current boyfriend and I finally feel being loved. He encouraged me to do more exercise. With his help and doing more exercise, I finally felt better around 2-3 years ago and stopped my meds. Although on and off I was depressed and bad at...
  2. ridefar

    Ideas & Opinions Bupropion - Wellbutrin

    Recently I started taking medication to improve my mental health. As of yesterday I'm experiencing that it does help a bit. It is expected to have benefits of taking Bupropion to take about 2 weeks. The dose is at a low level so far, side effects are okay. I actually don't like taking any form...
  3. CBunny9

    I know my last post was literally saying I feel better

    And I really do feel better. But today I found out an old friend’s sister committed suicide and all I feel is envy. I’m sad for my friend. But I also now can’t stop thinking about suicide and how I want to be done with this world too. I know this is so fucked up and I feel terrible that...
  4. CBunny9

    I think my meds are finally starting to work again

    I was put on Zoloft after being on Prozac for so long that my body stopped responding. When I first when on Zoloft I felt amazing after a month or so and then the dosage settled in I guess and I started feeling shitty again. My doctor has bumped up my dose twice now and this last time recently...