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relationship break up

  1. dude7691

    Feeling very conflicted

    Hi all :) Been here before, 3 years ago I joined I think now. Things have improved since then :) A bit of background on me before I go into the main thing I need some advice with. I'm 21, living in Wales and self employed (sort of). I'm currently doing a degree with the Open Uni in economics. I...
  2. natalie13

    I need advice

    Hello Y'all. I'm in a relationship right now, and I've been feeling like breaking up for some while. I get the feeling he loves me more than I do, he is very clingy and eager to have sex. I don't want to for a series of religious and personal reasons, and he said he understood and accepted, but...
  3. Lestat

    Perfect girl but she's a demon made to destroy myself and everyone who comes in contact with her

    I met this girl and I'm not joking when I say she is almost perfect. The problem is she is so broken and unstable that I can't be in a relationship with her anymore. Every 2 days I'm dealing with a different person who just wants to destroy everything. She is incredibly manipulative, which is...