relationship break up

  1. Insecuritykills

    Practical Advice Getting over it or...?

    I'm back again after a while, hi i hope everyone's doing well, I'll try to summarize my situation and please help me if you been in similar situation or if you have an idea, cuz I'm kind desperate... This is about a relationship I've been in for the past year, I met a girl back in Dec 2019...
  2. natalie13

    I need advice

    Hello Y'all. I'm in a relationship right now, and I've been feeling like breaking up for some while. I get the feeling he loves me more than I do, he is very clingy and eager to have sex. I don't want to for a series of religious and personal reasons, and he said he understood and accepted, but...
  3. Lestat

    Perfect girl but she's a demon made to destroy myself and everyone who comes in contact with her

    I met this girl and I'm not joking when I say she is almost perfect. The problem is she is so broken and unstable that I can't be in a relationship with her anymore. Every 2 days I'm dealing with a different person who just wants to destroy everything. She is incredibly manipulative, which is...