1. A

    Can I be helped with my mental disorders

    I have been told by a psychiatrist before that I'm retarded, have asperger's, and a neurological disorder. I think that I have a minor amount of all this. I don't want to be under constant care or disability over it, but rather want to overcome it. How can I be helped?
  2. Soda-Voxel

    My sleep schedule is rough again.

    It's not that I'm finding it hard to sleep. In fact it's somewhat easy, due to the fact I take melatonin every night. But I guess I've just become...unmotivated to sleep. I'm too lazy to put my things away, or I'm too busy thinking about stressful or upsetting things, or maybe I just don't want...
  3. BethanyTaylor

    British Heatwave

    Any other Brits finding this heatwave too much? Not only are we not built for this weather and neither is our country, our cars, roads, train tracks etc, but depressive moments get harder to handle because you're already thinking fuck my life anyway. Too hot. Toooooooo hooooooooot!!!!!!