1. K

    Practical Advice Trans woman needing advice with relationship

    Hi, This will be long and I don't know where to start but basically what I want to ask is, whether a person that I was together with is a narcissist or not. He is clearly not a full/typical narcisst as I easily spot those at first sight but I think he may be on the narcissistic spectrum. I am...
  2. Kai Nashi

    Been A Minute!

    Should of made this post first but I have returned from maybe what seemed like a 5 or so year Hiatus, not exactly sure just a guesstimate hehe. Anyways I mostly hang out in the chat these days but been trying to use the forum more. Heres a few updates on my life since then. I came out recently...
  3. MeowingMeower

    I have gender dysphoria

    Hi. I'm born male and I have gender dysphoria, and I'm struggling alot to cope with daily life. For those of you who don't know what that means, gender dysphoria is the condition that trans people have. I'm not trans though, cuz I'm pre transition. I have talked to psychologists and such about...
  4. udiyfjygmyiyd

    confused and lonely

    SHORT VERSION: Anyone here in a close situation? PROLOGUE: I am writing this fast because my mind is moving very fast on this subject. It probably will be hard to read. I posted this on a different subreddit and then got shy and deleted it and I forgot what subreddit it was so now I am posting...