trust issues

  1. R

    NEED GIRL OPINION please..

    what actions can a man do to get his girlfriend to even consider trusting him even a tiny bit after he cheats?? Besides obvious once.. I have failed my princess and she might give me a tiny chance to change her opinion. Please help :(
  2. Ange

    I can not trust. Please help me.

    (new to the forum) I am completely unable to trust just about anyone (yes, that means absolutely everybody you can possible think of). I’ve tried a lot of things, and nothing worked. I have no one because of this, and I hurt a lot of people while turning them down and accusing them of things...
  3. H

    Helping a friend

    Hello everyone! A very close friend of mine has mental health issues (most likely anxiety or/and panic attack disorder). However, because of the anxiety, she is afraid to tell anyone besides me. I have some second hand experience with anxiety and panic attacks, and I read about them a lot in...