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🎗October healthy living and weight gain, loss, maintain and fitness thread🎗


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Hello, everyone.

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Welcome to the October healthy living, weight management, fitness and nutrition thread.

Need to lose weight, gain weight, maintain? Look no further, support is here from people who are trying just like you.

Do you have any tips, ideas or advice to share with us? If so, please do, it would be much appreciated.

How did everyone fare out in September? Please share 🍤🍗🥗

Please share with us and post your updates and progress in your own time.

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Hey @Champagne tysm for tagging me in here & for starting this very positive topic! :)

I think I did ok in September, coulda been better for sure but could also have been a lot worse. I really pushed myself to go & do walks over the last couple days for sure even though I really did not feel like doing them. I was glad both times that I made myself because after I was done I felt good that I had done it and more than that I felt at least a bit "better" overall on all levels. I think it prob. contributed to my moods not going to extremes about things quite so much so that is one extremely positive side effect of it that I am trying hard to take to heart. I'm very done with those kinds of moods, they have taken a terrible toll on me already so I want to do what I can so they don't continue to do so.

Anyway oops didn't really say what my "goals" are for the next month. They are basically to get walking every day for at least 20 mins or longer, or if not "every" day, then at least 5/7 of the days of the week. Once I'm able to successfully get through at least 1 or maybe 2 weeks of doing that, then I am slowly gonna increase jogging into it. Eventually want it to be where I can be jogging at least 5 days per week, every week. Need to drop at least 40+ pounds so if I could have lost even half of that by the end of the year then that would def. be very awesome imo :) Those are my exercise goals, and as for my eating goals, god those are much more challenging for me in a way but am trying hard to eat a lot less chocolate & other fattening things and more veggies, fruit & other more healthy things instead.

Dunno if it makes any difference for me to say this or not but wishing everyone the best of luck with whatever their goals are, both for this month and for all the months after that too! :) ;) *hug*hugAlso please know you will always have infinite support from me cos the more healthy people there are in the world the more balanced things will ultimately be which is a very excellent & inspiring thing indeed! ;) :)


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Thanks for the tag @Champagne

Meh, September was a write off for me. It's been a hideous month and I've hit the crisps and chocolate big time. It looks like October is going to get even worse so I'm just not going to even think about it. I use junk food as a coping mechanism and although I know it's not a healthy one, it's a lot healthier than most of the others I turn to.

So.. I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I'll try to limit the damage but I can't guarantee I'll stick to that.


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Doing quite well here. The main tip for me concerns diet which is mostly where maintaining weight is is everything in moderation including a bit of excess(but in moderation). Don't deny yourself what you crave otherwise when you indulge you may overdo it. Past that plenty of sleep mixed with exercise. The stationary bike is my favorite because I can push as much or as little as I like. I also like the vertical climber here.


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Been avoiding fast food places technically going for soup and bread and grabbing veggie delites from subway i know as a meat eater I dont like any meat from subway and crave for the veggie delite!?!?! For September....

Since getting steroid shots to the back last thursday, been on rest per doctor to take it easy. Definitely a test of my nerves/patience as I hate taking it easy. Im still working though. The pain is still there . FML

But eating tad more veggies and fruit in Sept is a huge improvement in my diet.

Plan to do the same in Oct, continue to focus on more veggies. The harvest around here is sparse. WTF where is all of the cheap acorn squashes and sweet potatoes? Its an arm and leg costwise?!?! I will visit a certain food store for cheap produce n see if its the same story there this weekend. Will have to remember to see the scale this weekend if it stayed the same. I feel the same though.



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I read that sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine, and I think that's why I have so much trouble with giving it up. But I need to do it, or I'll never lose the weight.
Do you like fruit? Bananas, cherries, grapes, pineapple and other fruit high in sugar might be able to fill that ''sugar rush'' you get from sugar, do you think it could help? I think it would be worth a try.


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I'm just posting this now so I can remember to come back tomorrow with my plans for the month! Good luck everyone *grouphug2 oxox
A reminder for you....Ahem, I was looking forward to reading them. LOL.

Hope this month is going well for you, we're all in it together, we'll get fitter, healthier and happier, love and hugs 💕

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