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2019 was by far the worst year of my life. the closest year that would maybe compare would be 2016, when i first discovered my depression and what it really was. but in 2016 it was just november-december, while 2019 it was the whole year. my depression hit especially hard in july-august, when i was practically broken inside and couldn’t do anything. anyway my point is i am having some bad anxiety and feeling some sadness because i am worried that 2020 will be a repeat of 2019. i’m only three days into this year and i feel as though i’m always on edge for what heart wrenching or devastating thing could happen next. last year i was the closest i’ve ever been in my life to suicide and if 2020 is a repeat of last year, then i think i’ll go through with it...


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I get it. It's hard to not worry. But if something does happen, worrying won't prevent it, or make it any less hard. What will help is if you can let yourself relax and be in the moment. Enjoy when things are good, so that the next time they're bad - you remember good times exist too. *hug
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