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I saw a psychiatrist today after waiting a little over a month for an appointment. Over the past couple of weeks I believe I have had a hypomanic or manic episode. I didn't sleep much but it wasn't affecting my energy, was acting very reckless by drinking and smoking a lot, and just generally feeling on top of the world. This came after being extremely depressed and constant suicidal ideation for a few weeks.

Now I am "coming down" and the psychiatrist recommended a mood stabilizer because it seems sometimes my mood swings dramatically (the mania is not typical, every once in a while). She didn't diagnose me with bipolar disorder. Right now I don't feel depressed but I don't feel manic, either. Just a little apathetic about life.

Does anyone have any experience with taking abilify for mood stabilization and can better explain bipolar disorder to me? I have been reading onlime about it but I would like to hear from someone about their POV. I am on the fence about starting it after some reseach after the appointment. Thanks in advance.

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I can't explain bipolar at all, but I was on a mood stabilizer for a few years for Borderline. It wasn't Abilify, but for me it was Seroquel. I didn't have a good experience with it. It killed my metabolism and I gained 100 pounds. It also made me paranoid yet at the same time, really kind of apathetic. Mind you, this was the effect my pdoc wanted, the apathetic part, so that I could deal with the trauma I'd gone through without hurting myself further. I don't know if my response will help you, but I wanted to show you some support. You can always try it for a period of time, and if you don't like the results, you can ween off it I'm sure. I was on Seroquel for 4 years and I weened off slowly over a 6 month period. I'm not telling you not to take it, everyone's experience is different, but for me, 4 years was too long.


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Thanks for your reply @Frances M . After repeatedly dealing with suicidal ideation and deep depression for a few months my desperation for some relief is stronger than my hesistation to take meds. I have had some periods with elevated mood, way more than just feeling happy, but then I crash down into this. I'm sorry your experience didn't work out. I'm hoping that this might help me even just a little and if it doesn't I will stop. Thanks for sharing your experience with me.

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