1. ridefar

    Ideas & Opinions Bupropion - Wellbutrin

    Recently I started taking medication to improve my mental health. As of yesterday I'm experiencing that it does help a bit. It is expected to have benefits of taking Bupropion to take about 2 weeks. The dose is at a low level so far, side effects are okay. I actually don't like taking any form...
  2. CoveredAwareness

    What are your thoughts on Paliperidone?

    Recently changed to this med and would like to know what I'm probably going to feel
  3. W


    Not sure where this belongs but it's a question I guess lol. I've been experiencing these brain zaps (brain shakes) when on and off my medication. Most notable when I'm off it. The medication is Prozac but there's something odd about these brain shakes. I read about it online and it said...
  4. CoveredAwareness

    Feedback on change from seroquel/quetiapine to amisulpride

    Hey everyone! I've just changed from seroquel(200mg) to 50mg of amisulpride, anything you'd like to share? I think this was mainly changed because of how tired and zombie seroquel made me feel, and I really needed the extra energy to keep up the classes I'm having. To people who are taking...
  5. W


    I've been prescribed Prozacs 20mg pill and I dunno how to explain this exactly. Today was the 3rd day on the meds and uhh.. I have this intense urge to take more than the allowed dosage. I can't explain it. It came out of nowhere. Did anyone else have this issue or am I just crazy ? lol
  6. CBunny9

    I think my meds are finally starting to work again

    I was put on Zoloft after being on Prozac for so long that my body stopped responding. When I first when on Zoloft I felt amazing after a month or so and then the dosage settled in I guess and I started feeling shitty again. My doctor has bumped up my dose twice now and this last time recently...
  7. O

    Finally Saw A Psychiatrist

    I saw a psychiatrist for the first time on Monday and she diagnosed me with generalized anxiety disorder. She prescribed me Celexa to take once everyday, Xanax for panic attacks, and Zyprexa for nights when my mind just won't shut off. I haven't gotten the medication yet because she wanted me...
  8. Sevven

    Do you remember?

    I'm awful with pills. Getting prescribed antibiotics is like asking for a resilient continuation of whatever lead to a prescription in the first place. I'll even set an alarm, it goes off and I think, "Right! I'll go do that!" and then get distracted and forget. But any resistant infection would...
  9. SonjaRot

    A view on the dark side of the collective.

    It's funny how we, the depressed, are the ones who are "sick"... ... Shadow hour. A motherless child, an orphan of the galaxy - the collective soul, humanity... People feeling lost and confused. People hurting. A hungry void, a vermin within chants of fears and lies... false beliefs. What can...
  10. Arwen

    Anyone else react badly to drinking alcohol on meds?

    I've been taking citalopram for about 7 months now, and I'm really starting to struggle with the effects from drinking alcohol. I'm at University so naturally my life involves getting fairly drunk every now and then, which i still enjoy but sometimes i get into pretty bad states. I used to be...
  11. O

    Looking for an antidepressant with minimal, permissible side effects

    Hi all! I am posting this here for the first time in a long while, since I want some more opinions before I make an expensive appointment with my psychiatrist (in my experience, they don't typically take your concerns into consideration much :( ). So, I am looking to get on medication again...
  12. swimgirl48

    side effects?? can't stop shaking

    I am really new to this whole treatment thing. I'm up to 100mg of Zoloft and 150 mg of Lithium and I'm taking Lunesta occasionally to sleep. It's been about 5 weeks. I don't really feel any different but my hands are really shaky all the time. I didn't even notice until one of my friends...
  13. Rockclimbinggirl

    Prazosin (minipress) is helping me a lot

    So I have only been taking it for a week and I have already noticed a difference. I wake up rested and have more energy to get stuff done. I started it to help with bad dreams that sometimes wake me up and intrusive memories before bed. I am wondering if anyone else had taken it?
  14. F

    Feeling numb

    Today I feel numb because of the medication I use (antipsychotics). It scares me, because I feel cut off from myself, from others, from the world and from God because of the medication. It makes me feel emotionally and spiritually dead. I'm terrified that I will never come off and never recover...
  15. C

    Nothing works if nothing changes

    I honestly feel like medication and therapy don't work! My medicine just makes me feel sleepy and tired, I guess I'm not happy with it because I expect them to make me feel...happy. Commercials about medicine made me think they would change my demeanor or change how I felt but I was wrong, so...
  16. tootall09

    Lithium , wellbutrin

    Anyone have any experience with these ? Been on lithium for 2 months had the mg. Raised after a month. The wellbutrin been on for a month. At first I had some twitches in my arms and legs an face but after a couple days went away. Did the same when raised the dosage then went away one thing...
  17. Battlecry

    Competition Time! The most crazy cures you've tried...

    Right folks, my last post got me thinking. I ran through the litany of treatments, therapies and interventions I've engaged with over the last twenty years; some more conventional than others. I believe that modern pharmaceuticals and talking therapies are probably the most effective. But I'm...
  18. Battlecry

    New Year, New Meds...

    Haven't posted for a while due to the usual busyness around Christmas. All pleasant enough and not once did family notice or query the fact I wore long sleeves for a week, so pulled that one off with aplomb! Scars slowly healing, but still erring on the side of caution and keeping them covered...
  19. R

    I don't quite know what is wrong

    Throughout my life, I've been Depressed, Suicidal, and diagnosed with OCD, Anxiety, Anorexia, and so on. I've always been really bad at asking for help and fairly resistant to the idea of going on medication (because of bad experiences being medicated too strongly when I was too young.) Now...
  20. C

    Going off your medication?

    Have you ever gone off your medication for any reason? What was that reason and how did you feel? If you went back on your medication, why ?