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I tend to jump into conclusions, guys, please don't say that, I already know that. But I read some articles yesterday, and I think I may be? Well, the thing is, ever since I was a child, I am afraid of death. Not like your usual thing, though, I used to stay up all night crying because of it when I was 9/10, but I hadn't had such a rough patch again until this February, when some incident happened in our town, and the next day my family decided to go to the biggest city here as a holiday. Naturally, I freaked out, and stood up all night crying about my sister dying as she was sleeping next to me. I know this is really stupid- I am a logical person who knows the possibilities and stuff, but it didn't help my case. After then that, I refused to leave the house for anything but school for about half a month, and then I prayed over and over, making a 'deal' to survive- no Youtube for a month, like a fast. But, here's the thing: I'm not really religious. I believe in a God, but no religion, and praying to a god in a religion is useless for me, yet I do it every night to feel better. When I feel like something bad s going to happen, I knock on wood. And. I. Actually. Believe. In. None. Of. It. So help, maybe? I may not have it and may be just overreacting- sometimes I fear about that-, but technically thinking that you have a mental illness is a mental illness itself so it doesn't help me much. I tried to tell this to my therapist but she chose to focus more on my mood swings (is it still that if you have it periodically? I dunno.) and skipped this subject, which to be honest is just as annoying as the latter, so please help me? I need advice.


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I can't tell you if it is or isn't...

Often OCD is having to repeat things or do certain things or something bad might happen, but that's not always the case. OCD is a diverse diagnosis.

Personally I have a stress related OCD form. If I'm stressed or going through bad things I need extreme order. When I worked at the hospital and had a difficult time there with bullying etc. it was specifically bad. I would spend 30 minutes after the end of my shift to organize my office, everything had to stand a certain way... and I actually broke down crying one morning I came back and found the cleaning lady had moved everything.

You should ask your therapist again, tell her that it really is bothering you that you need to know!
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