1. G


    Hi :) I had this idea and I thought it might be nice to try it out. Okay, how lifeline works is that you send a message to the last person to post in the thread (the post can be about how your feeling) so that you can check on them and make sure that they’re not doing anything harmful. The...
  2. alixer

    A word on OCD: the Doubting Disease

    Just wanted to share some useful knowledge to anyone with OCD but mostly for anyone who knows anyone with OCD. OCD is known as the doubting disease where the search for validation fuels the anxiety, so it's not good to validate or negate the thoughts of someone with an obsession. The answer is...
  3. Oliver A.

    It’s Been a While

    I haven’t posted in months. Updates: I’m covered in bruised I inflicted upon myself, my Tourette’s is worse than ever, I think I’m dealing with some form of OCD. How to cope with this? How not to obsessively bruise myself? How not to chant and pace and repeat movements obsessively? How to...
  4. Samadhi

    Very sad right now

    Hey everyone, I hope you're doing well. I'm trying all that I can to help myself, although I'm very sad right now. My family members all tell me I'm the apple of their eye, and that they love me more than anything. It's just that, I have OCD, and everyday is such a struggle, I continue on in...
  5. Confused_Being

    Am I OCD?

    I tend to jump into conclusions, guys, please don't say that, I already know that. But I read some articles yesterday, and I think I may be? Well, the thing is, ever since I was a child, I am afraid of death. Not like your usual thing, though, I used to stay up all night crying because of it...