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Anxiety medications while "calm"


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A little while ago I took the anti-anxiety medication Hydroxyzine to help me to stop worrying, but actually I'm pretty calm (physically, at least). I'm even a little sleepy. So I feel guilty to take anti-anxiety medication in spite of that, but the worries and the rumination just won't stop. I had to make a few important phone calls, and I'm avoiding checking an online private message from a person I think is mad at me. I really hate using the phone, I think I honestly have whatever a phone phobia would be called.

Does anyone else have experience using anxiety medication(s) for symptoms that go beyond body sensations or panic? Again, I feel really quite calm except for the awful stressful thoughts repeating themselves in a big annoying loop.


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It's not going to be beneficial taking anxiety meds whilst having no physical sensations of anxiety. You are most definitely having anxious thoughts but meds can't cure that. Have you had any type of therapy to address your anxious thoughts?

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