1. T

    A thing I do in the morning that really helps

    Hey guys, I wanted to give back to the community since u guys have helped me a lot in the past month or so. This may not be for everyone but it's something that I do that I kind really helps settle my mind before I start my day. I like to wake up in the early morning before the sun rises, and...
  2. Dante

    I'm feeling a little blank.

    Several days ago (Sunday night I think) I made 2 revelations in 1 evening: 1) I discovered that I could voluntarily "step out" of the feeling of depression, just as I seemed to involuntarily "step out" of feelings of happiness when I was having a bad mental health day. 2) I learned about Ego...
  3. LonelyLuna

    Calming Corner

    Welcome to the Calming Corner!!! I decided to make this thread for any media that's soothing and relaxing. Like calming music or satisfying videos/pictures that just help you destress. You can post anything that helps you calm down and might help others too, as long as it's appropriate! Well...
  4. lightning05

    Sometimes we deserve a break

    This week I had terrible anxiety and a depressive episode with suicidal ideation that disrupted my life. I had to take off of work, which I battled with back and forth about doing but have come to realize that it was vital to my mental and emotional health to take that break. Since I was in...
  5. CandleLight

    Anxiety medications while "calm"

    A little while ago I took the anti-anxiety medication Hydroxyzine to help me to stop worrying, but actually I'm pretty calm (physically, at least). I'm even a little sleepy. So I feel guilty to take anti-anxiety medication in spite of that, but the worries and the rumination just won't stop...