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At this moment, what would you rather be doing?


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I'm exactly where I should be and I tend to enjoy whatever I'm doing.

I was standing at a crossing today waiting for the green man when a woman stood beside me and instantly started complaining that the lights ''always'' took so loonngggggg. I mentioned that there would be many people who would have loved to be standing in town, but were, for whatever reason unable to do so. I suggested she should be more grateful for the fact she was able and enjoy the time it took the lights to change.

Some people won't stand in a queue, but I love them. They give me time to ponder, consider or meditate. If I see the person behind is in a rush I offer them to go before me, but some are so shocked they think I'm after their purse or something. I once let a man go before me in the barbers and he wanted to pay me...hahahahahhaaaa. Try it sometime you'll be amazed.

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