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Borderline Personality Disorder and Suicidal

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To clarify, this is not about me. I will keep who this is about anonymous.

I know someone who has borderline personality disorder, and they've been really heavily effected by it. They are in and out of hospitals, tried all the medication and they've tried to kill themselves multiple times. This person is also pretending to be fine in the mental health ward so the nurses will release them, and they plan to commit suicide when this happens. Very worried there's nothing I can do about it.


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Idk if you know that they plan to kill themselves I'd call the hospital and tell their treatment team. They can't keep them indefinitely but I think there's a slight tendency to brush off people with BPD who are in constant crisis. When they thought I was borderline they were like...you know you can't live here right, nice to see you again bye. But they found a note in my stuff and for some reason one of the doctors was like 'no, I get it, this is scary' and they kept me for another few weeks changing treatment and making different outpatient arrangements. So I'd just make sure that their team know how serious it may be? Ultimately though, if this person has made up their mind, that's their choice and there may not be anything anyone can do about it.

I'm sorry that you're dealing with this on top of your own problems :/


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Hi there, that for sure is a scary situation to find yourself in. I agree with the above poster that telling their mental help team might help but really if she is faking not being suicidal to them there is not an awful lot they can do to help her. I have BPD and I have found that my attempts weren't taken too seriously except for the ones that landed me in ICU. Just be there for her, make her feel like she is not alone. You are a great friend to have, she is very lucky to have you. Keep supporting here and explain to her you want her to be safe and sound and know that she is not alone. Can you contact members of her family who might be of some help? Keep us updated and I am glad you found us here to help you :)
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