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Controlling My Anger


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So, I've noticed as my depression is... Different. I went from being a quiet person who had some crying spells here and there, to someone who is really sensitive and flies off the handle when he's angry... I shout and slam doors. Doesn't help that I've been feeling really insecure as of late and invalidated. I just don't want to chase anyone away due to my anger; I've already shouted at some of the ones I was close with, even though I wanted to be calmer... Though they did say things that provoked me, I usually handle things better than that. How do I stop feeling irritable all the time? It feels like I'm going to lose everyone in my life if this doesn't stop soon.
Sorry that you're going through this Sagest

If you haven't told your prescriber about this, you may want to. It could be that a different anti-depressant would be better for you.

Your therapist might be able to recommend some anger management techniques, or you might be able to get a book on the subject.

The links in my signature also have some information about treatment methods that could be helpful.

I hope something can help


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@Sagest its the impluse control thats misfiring. It just comes with practice to condition yourself on your autopilot response. if you are not open to giving mood leveling medication a try. Everytime it happens let yourself cool off and ask yourself if you could have handled it a bit different and look into different netural responses. It took me ages to level out my impulse control. Hope you are feeling a bit better by now.

Take Care
I’m like the exact same way. It’s awful to just be upset or feel like I’m overreacting once the angry phase has cooled off. And the irritability is the worst! Anything could set me off when I’m in an irritable mood, from loud typing to someone’s feet scraping the ground when they walk. Like may71 and DrownedFishOnFire said you could give medication a try. I did and it really helped with the more random spells of irritability and anger. But I will say that now I have more flatline emotion days than I did before. Things like antidepressants are a little different for everyone though, so however you choose to handle your feelings I wish you the best of luck, and keep us posted!

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