Experimenting with makeup


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I am starting to experiment with makeup, well eyeliner.

I am not really sure why I am.

I wonder if having a boyfriend has anything to do with it.

@Petal thanks for creating the other thread. I really enjoyed reading everyones responses.


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You are very welcome =)

Ooooh, eye liner. under your eyes or above over the lashes?

It's natural to want to look good for your boyfriend! If you need any make up tips I can give you a million, I love make up. Love it even more now since MAC have dropped their prices and made them more affordable!!
I swear some eyeliner and a touch of lip gloss give you an extra pep in your step! Lol

When I was younger I used to muck about with eyeshadows and lipsticks as well. Now, I mostly just can't be bothered. I am trying to learn (very slowly and intermittently with little progress) how to fill in my eyebrows 'perfectly'.

Keep experimenting, it can be fun. Loads of Youtube videos and sites giving little tips too. :)

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