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Eyes of Innocence

This is really a poem like outlet that needs to be let out:

Thinking back on it now,
ending that long relationship had only ended the "you" that i used to love and hang onto so dearly,
along with the "me" that was honestly happy and felt accepted
With every cell in my body,
I cant erase your touch, sound, scent and wonders you always brought with your presence,
you made me feel everything with even more intensity,
You claimed I helped you with your demons,
In reality,
You silenced mine,
Ending the relationship was supposed to help me keep you safe,
Help keep the child in you from getting swallowed by this vicious world,
When you said you'd always be mine,
I truly did long for you and that security,
But I somehow murdered that delicate child,
I wish with all my might,
That I could have save that child and never met that icy cold shoulder,
Neither of wants to remember those last encounters,
we were supposed to end on "good terms",
No hard feelings,
But I guess,
You had had to get "an eye for an eye",
You've murmured the child in me and have awakened my demons,
While you sleep blissfully with the new one,
I sleep with the demons,
They are the constant reminder,
That in reality, you save yourself before others,
But how do you save yourself first,
When you're looking into the eyes of innocence and purity?

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