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Feeling frustrated

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I almost placed this in the crisis forum, but I thought this was more proper as I just feel really discouraged. Monday was a pretty crappy day for me. Work was frustrating and walking through downtown that night was really hard. I was walking downtown and this group of people....I guess they were friends, decided to take a group picture. They do so in an area meant to walk through ( sorry not describing this very well)

I've had some uncomfortable experiences with people taking pictures in public with one guy thinking that I was about to photobomb his stupid picture when a) he was on the damn sidewalk and I had to move past him a b) it was raining and I really didn't care about him or his dumbass family trying to take a picture when it was pouring down. So in this instance, I just walked around them, like, far away. I heard someone in the group make a comment of "thank God" As much as I'm trying not to be paranoid, I couldn't help but feel that was sort of directed towards me, but it felt that way, no less.

Some of the biggest emotional wounds I have experienced in my life have come from people saying something mean about me or towards me and then going about happily with their lives as if that's okay to do because it didn't affect them. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it really sucks when you're depressed and you see people who are having the time of their lives and yet find some reason to be negative or mean towards you for no real reason.

I'm sorry if none of this made sense....I just needed to get this out.


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It does make sense, and it's something I deal with too... I so often just naturally assume people saying something that could be hurtful if I pass or they pass me is directed at me. It's an awful feeling.

Most of it, in my case is apparently in my own head, myself just thinking that it would be about me, when something like 'thank god' could mean 'thank god the camera worked!'.

Not sure if that helps... but I do understand how you feel. *hugs*


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It makes perfect sense. I do not think you are alone in your thoughts. To be honest I would probably have felt the same way. Keep your mind focused on something else. I'm glad you decided to talk about it here, at least you aired your thoughts somewhere. I hope you have a good day regardless of what happened today. You have my sympathy, I get paranoid like that too and feel I am always ''in the way''. You're certainly not alone.
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