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Have you ever?


Eccentric writer, general weirdo, heedless heathen
This is how the game goes: you post an activity and the next person will answer with yes, they have done that, or no they haven't (give more details if necessary). Here's an example: Have you ever been on a train? The next person will answer and then post a question for the next person to answer. Here I'll start off:

Have you ever performed on a street corner with an organ grinder monkey?


Well-Known Member
No, but I've been the organ grinder monkey.

Have you ever dressed up as one of yr friends while drunk and tried to steal their identity?


Well-Known Member
Bah, you think I'm really ryan!?

Have you ever put on clown shoes and walked around, forcing people to step on your shoes, pretending you feet were actually that big and feigning pain?

*Cuase if so you might be ryan and seriously you can have your identity back, it sucks; I just want to be bill again.


Well-Known Member
Oooh yeah. Virgin kissers tend to be that way.
I was baaaaaad. xD

Have you ever published any artistic work of yours?


Well-Known Member

Have you ever had a one night stand in mexico with a transgendered philipeno man named frank? If so tell him thanks for the herpes.


Well-Known Member
yes! they were so cute, i actually have a picture of them on this desk, kissing me on the cheek :) Ahhhhh :)

How jealous are you right now?


Well-Known Member
bahaha yes, a few times, but never much serious. I'm a revolutionary after all!

have you ever farted, while simulatenously sneezing at teh same times (i've heard you'll die if you do, which has always been quite worrying to me, so this would really dispell some concerns of my own, if you could answer)


Well-Known Member
Yes... :behindsofa: It's not that you'll die, but you might die of embarrassment because with that much release going on... well, you can imagine how things could end up... I got off lucky! :lol:

Have you ever been cow tipping?


Well-Known Member
Yupp on the beaches of cuba with a girl who me and my good friend were both trying to sleep with, and a gay male who was trying to sleep with both of us; no one got laid that night.

Have you ever had a sexual experience with the same sex?

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