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Having a boyfriend but feeling suicidal...

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Every day i cant stop thinking about it. Its not that i really want to kill myself, its just that i dont see the point in living anymore. Kinda like it wouldnt matter if i die, like when im walking down the street i think about <Mod Edit - Methods> just because i can and that it wouldnt matter. But i have a boyfriend. And i know if i did kill myself that it would destroy him. He knows about it and we talk sometimes. Recently ive been lying in bed considering <mod edit - methods> just going to sleep and never waking up. :( its almost frustrating because suicide was almost my final option. i always told myself that ill try and carry on and if things do just keep getting worse then i can kill myself and itll be fine. but now i cant and i just worry about my life even more because i cant kill myself because i dont want to hurt him.
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Hi there @Arwen it does look like you are in alot of pain. What is the thing that is bothering you about the most about this?


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Hello @Arwen you sure are going through a lot, don't live for someone else, find your inner self and live for yourself. Have you seen a professional about your thoughts? You do not have to go through this alone. SF is here for you and always will be, things will likely improve so stay positive,keep taking annd reach out for help when you need it. We have your back :)
Hy Arwen
I ever thought about suicidal too. I was freaking down, i had no hope, i thought like what am i doing here only for sadness, etc. I also have a boyfriend loves me much, we also ever talked about this, and he really sad every time i talk about this. Whatever pain you have right now, if you still think about kill yourself, think about your boyfriend. If you dont have no more reason to live, make him the reason, he is the reason for you to stay, dont break yourself and dont break your boyfriend's heart. Cheer up :)
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