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Honestly just venting, no need to respond. Super long. CAN skip.

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Ok, so a few weeks ago my boss got in my face about a customer's claim about a bill and when she angrily questioned me about it I'll admit I was pretty pissed. Nevertheless, I KNEW I was in the wrong and while I didn't respond calmly, I did apologize and offer to pay for the whole bill and a $50 gift card and I would quit right then if she wanted me to. I literally said, "I'm sorry, I honestly don't remember but yes it's probably true. Feel free to take $X out of my next paycheck, and here's my notice that I'm quitting," since the customer apparently wanted my head. My boss made it very clear that she was 'protecting' me from a lawsuit and stuff.
Btw, this customer claimed that due to the problem her house was being foreclosed upon and her car taken and her whole life shattered and wanted the manager to go to the bank and apologize so that she could fix this. Manager said no, obviously, and offered her the restaurant's apologies and $50 in cash (in hopes the woman would never come back). Customer said "no, I want a gift card," which was a MAJOR red flag for me, but I wasn't in charge.

It only got better from there (a few days passed), but long story short(er), my manager said she was being nice and not going to outright fire me. I didn't care at that point and just put in my 2 weeks notice cause obviously this was no longer a good place for me to work at. OK. Those 2 weeks I knew were gonna suck but I didn't expect the manager to purposefully avoid work and leave notes out for me to do all of those tasks instead. Needless to say, I did the ones I thought were important but I was leaving so fuck it, not gonna do your job bitch.

Left, 2 weeks gone by, life is getting a HELL of a lot better for me. Like, I don't even think about suicide anymore, while before it was almost daily. Depression is still around but it's not a kind I can't handle. So doing pretty damn well and honestly never thought about my old job or anything. Now comes the part I'm pissed about.

I have one paycheck from them left. Was gonna go by and get it on Saturday on my way to an event. Then I thought, wait, if my manger is there then things could go south and I'd like to avoid a depression spiral. So I figured I'd text an old co-worker and just have them double check that she isn't working then. Simple right? No problems for anyone. 5 minutes of their time. Done.

NOPE! The old co-worker I chose to message was apparently the worst decision. Instead of answering my question, she lectures me about what the "right-thing-to-do" is and how I should make up with my old boss and so on and so forth. I said I didn't want to see her, that was that, and not technically my old co-worker's business honestly (I'll call her Tami). Just wanted a simple answer, was she working yes or no.

Tammi got all upset and started going on about how she was being honest and I was being mean (I know I wasn't exactly nice, but honesty doesn't mean I have to be nice) and that I needed to learn how to apologize and how I was a liar and wasn't being entirely truthful and that if SHE had these issues that she'd want someone to tell her so here's all the things about me she has a problem with.
Oy! :P Think I got it all. It was a long talk.


YES I did fucking apologize, that was the very first thing I did!!! Even though my boss was the one who thought I was a liar and a thief, I not only apologized but offered to pay for well over the cost of damages to the restaurant, and I offered to leave immediately to make her future chat with the angry customer easier! So fuck you I didn't apologize, you didn't listen when I told you what happened 2 WHOLE WEEKS AGO!
And yeah, I have a hard time telling everyone around me when I make a mistake because I don't need EVERYONE AROUND ME TELLING ME WHY I WAS WRONG!

What the FUCK do you think Anxiety does to me 24/7?! I literally re-live every mistake I've ever made in my life! So yeah, I get a little pissed when 5 other people come up to me and tell me what a failure I am on top of the constant negative stream in my head that, trust me, will do a hell of a better job at making me hate myself than your fucking comments ever will.

So when 2 weeks go by and I ask you a simple question and you use it as an excuse to remind me of why I fucked up and how it's my fucking fault and act like the righteous, high-and-mighty, wise woman, I'm gonna fucking tear you the HELL out my life faster than you can blink. Fucking bullshit. I was Finally out of my depression spiral and you not only put me right back, but now I'm constantly, unbelievably pissed at you too. Makes healing a heck of a lot of fun. -_-

Lesson for apparently everyone (since not everyone knows it like I thought): TIME YOUR FUCKING ADVICE APPROPRIATELY!
Or you just might ruin someone's healing process and make one hell of a bad enemy. Sometimes, people just want an answer rather than your life thoughts.

This has been bothering me for a few days now and I blocked her on FB so I'm not tempted to scream at her. Hence, wrote it out here so it's out of my system and I can pretend someone read it. I hope I don't accidentally scare anyone who does read this. And I hope everyone else is doing better than I. You all need happiness as much as I do.


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Aww thanks. :) Sorry it was so long. Points for getting through it.
And yeah. I know Tami is going through a lot and I think she was just taking it out on me for whatever reason.
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