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How do you guys get yourself to do anything?

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I thought it would be nice to make a thread on how everyone motivates themselves to do anything. From things to getting out of bed, taking a shower or doing the dishes, to bigger stuff like doing your homework or finishing a project from work or school.
As someone diagnosed with borderline I experience a lot of periods during which I get really depressed and everything I have to do during a day feels like having to climb the Mount Everest. By the end of the day though I get really stressed out by all of the things I should have done and didn't and that only makes things worse.
What sometimes helps for me is rewarding myself. I tell myself that if I do something usefull, even if it only takes ten minutes, that I can sit and watch television for an hour or take a nap. I know it's the wrong way around, but this way I at least do something during a day.
So what do you guys do to accomplish something?


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What sometimes helps for me is rewarding myself. I tell myself that if I do something usefull, even if it only takes ten minutes, that I can sit and watch television for an hour or take a nap. I know it's the wrong way around, but this way I at least do something during a day.
That sounds like a very useful method actually. Reward systems have been known to boost motivation, so your method is really quite effective :D

I motivate myself using persuasion and distraction. For example, I didn't feel like jogging today, but I told myself I'd feel better after I'd exercised, so I persuaded my mind and body to get off the bed. Then I thought distracting thoughts and had a movie on while I got ready and before I knew it, I was putting on my running shoes, taking out the trash and on my way to the park. And when I was done, I did feel better. It doesn't always work though. But I notice I always plunge deeper into my dark place when I procrastinate...So I try to force myself to move.


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Thanx for your reply! It does help, but as I sad, I need a lot of reward for doing something tiny :p

That is exactly what happens to me as well, I just get stressed about not having done certain things and then I feel even worse about myself and feel really useless. And when I do do something usefull it does make me feel good, so I try to keep that feeling in mind. But as you said, it doesn't always work and it can be hard even to get through the day sometimes...


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*huggggssss* I know how that feels. It's like a constant struggle isn't it? But there'll be good days and bad days. And we have to trust that if we build on the good days, they'll eventually outweigh the bad!!


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I set a goal and write it on my sticky notes and keep in mind the consequences, for example feel awful if I don't have them done them the next day while doing them.

No sweets or junk food =reward is losing weight.

Have a shower = No one wants to be around a stinky person so go and do it asap.

Cleaning = You feel great after the kitchen looks all shiny and sparkly.

Cooking food = This ones obvious, you get a nice meal at the end.

I know finding motivation is not easy, even try the wikihow website, that has helped me in the past.
@Cathy I find that making lists helps but my big problem always is I have too many things on my list...so try to reduce to 3 a day then when check off feel good ...and try to make them viable goals so that not setting myself up for not having done something e.g. like if know have to be at work early don't put as goals for day exercise before work...if manage to do it that's great but if not that's ok too if that makes sense...and I too like the idea of rewards so I might reward myself by watching a movie or reading a book....Also didn't know if you knew that there was a goals thread here on SF as well that did find helpful also...Wishing you a peaceful and stressless day...be kind to yourself.


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@Petal @Kiwi2016 That is a really good idea. Normally I make the lists in my head and I keep fearing all the consequences, but that just drives me crazy and then it seems like so many things to do, just because they are floating around in my head. I'm definitly going to try and make more lists so I can cross things off. Thanx so much for your replies. And I will certainly check out the goals thread.
Hi @Cathy and @Petal...yes I am a huge fan of lists...key is not being too overly ambitious in what can be accomplished in one day...thought this would bring a smile...a boss of mine many many years ago wore black and her list idea was small post-its stuck to her shirt...when her shirt was "clear of post-its" she had done all her tasks for the day...always cracked me up... wishing you luck with your lists....


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Ok this is what works for me --
I make myself do something for a short time and if I'm really unhappy then I can quit. So...
If its..um... go to the gym -- I'm gonna get dressed and GO. If I'm not happy after let's say.. 10 minutes then I'll leave.
Clean the kitchen? I'll do the dishes and if I'm pissy then I'll skip the rest after the dishes and do the rest later.
Doing homework or project? Start it and work diligently for 20 minutes! If you're really not feeling it then bail out and try again in a few hours.
Take a shower? Get up, gather up clothes and get ready. If I'm not ready to GET IN then maybe I'll skip out (this isn't really my issue so I'm just making that one up on the fly but you get the idea)
I have this stupid trick, based on an experiment i once saw on tv. They discovered that our brain makes decision 6 seconds before we know what to decide, so i just count to 6 and then go for it (for example if i want to get up, count to 6 and then jump out of bed before giving myself the chande to lay down again)
I try to plan something nice for myself to wake up to in morning to help me get my day started. I'll think about a nice breakfast I could have or even just a coconut water makes me happy. If I have a little something to look forward to in the morning, I'm much more motivated to make it through my day.

If I procrastinate at all, my whole day is messed up. I can't even look at my phone when I wake up or else! Also I do best with schedules, lists etc. I try not to make it so specific though.

I try to set some goals for the morning, afternoon and evening with no specific times, just time frames and try not to put too much pressure on myself to get it all done every single day.
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