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How is everyone Vibing, right now?? Reply with your scene!

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I've got that tired body post-exercise feeling. I'm all clean. Got my comfy clothes on. My fairy lights lighting up my room with a soft glow. & I'm listening to 'You've Got The Kind of Nerve I like' by Tiny Ruins. I'm loving this scene. It feels hopeful & a little sad. But also comfortable and wistful. Creating scenes in my life like this, make me feel the importance of moments and their passing. Keeps me thoughtful but also appreciative. I feel like moments like this make me want to try harder and be better.

Share your scene with me, too?


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i'm feeling the burnout/boredom vibe, which is why i'm here. it goes in predictable cycles. i work on my game, i get brain-fatigued, then i feel bored because i'm not doing anything, and i might listen to music for a bit, then i come here.


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I'm working on my art project on the floor by the glass slide door. my plants are soaking up the sun outside. drinking coffe. its a good enough day. just quiet as im home alone. but its ok. it reminds me of how my grandma's old apartment felt when I used to visit her. just quiet. my project is due on thursday. its kinda hard but gives me a goal to achieve. :>


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Im in a work every day god gives vibe. My boss left it too late and now we're redoing all the aviaries and breeding season is just around the corner so its a mad dash to get everything done.....so no days off for about 2 weeks
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