1. bubblebear

    penney for my thoughts

    i had a pretty good day off yesterday. and today was doing quite well but when my mother showed up i suddenly got into a really bad mood. i dont know why i am like that i have noticed that i could be in a good mood and then multiple times once my mother shows up i get in a bad mood. shes not...
  2. Jack D

    Motivation for work

    As some of my previous rantings may suggest, I am pretty awful at keeping myself willing and motivated to do work and certain assignments, and at University, this is especially a problem. Rather than complain and spout out my usual rantings about it as I normally would, I've decided to be more...
  3. Lmxoxo

    How is everyone Vibing, right now?? Reply with your scene!

    I've got that tired body post-exercise feeling. I'm all clean. Got my comfy clothes on. My fairy lights lighting up my room with a soft glow. & I'm listening to 'You've Got The Kind of Nerve I like' by Tiny Ruins. I'm loving this scene. It feels hopeful & a little sad. But also comfortable and...