1. Lucas Milonga

    The power of music

    Hello, I would like to start a thread to chat about music, the place it occupies in your lives, the spiritual, social and therapeutic side. Your experiences and related activities. I am a musician and my way of seeing and feeling music has changed a lot in 30 years of dedication. With each...
  2. M

    I wrote a song in maybe 10 minutes, it's my feelings and ye someone said I can post it here so... I'm posting it here.

    I think I'm broken. There's something wrong. Fresh piece of paper, crumbled up and thrown away, will never be the same. Left to wander and wonder alone, am I to blame? Why do I miss it? I want you to violate and humiliate, abuse and shatter my body, my soul. I'll never be the same, I've tried...
  3. Kai Nashi

    Been A Minute!

    Should of made this post first but I have returned from maybe what seemed like a 5 or so year Hiatus, not exactly sure just a guesstimate hehe. Anyways I mostly hang out in the chat these days but been trying to use the forum more. Heres a few updates on my life since then. I came out recently...
  4. Kai Nashi

    Midnight Music Mayhem

    Hey, Kai here to ask, do yall ever just binge music all night? Its something i do quite often. And if so, what do you listen too? Me personally i been listening to alot of Post Hardcore, Goth Rock, and Jpop. Doing it as we speak right now :)
  5. Dante

    Jim's Cafe - July 16th

    Welcome one and all to Jim's Café, the sanctuary for the long suffering sane from the madness of the modern world. Hello one and all. It seems there hasnt been a cafe in a while, so Im here to open again. As per usual we have 3 tables in this cafe each with their own menu of questions to choose...
  6. Dante

    Jim's Cafe - June 15th

    Welcome one and all to Jim's Café, the sanctuary for the long suffering sane from the madness of the modern world. Hi all. I happened to wander in here and felt like making a Cafe. Please one and all, enjoy! As ever we have Cafe music, some fun facts, 3 tables with differing subjects to choose...
  7. Dante

    Jim's Cafe - 1st September

    Welcome one and all to Jim's Café, the sanctuary for the long suffering sane from the madness of the modern world. I don't usually do a cafe 2 days in a row, partly because I dont want to hog the limelight, partly because its nice to have some variety, and partly because I don't have enough...
  8. Dante

    Jim's Cafe - 21st June

    HELLO ladies and gentleman and welcome to the often delayed or forgotten, but always loved Jim's Cafe! I am sorry I haven't opened one in a while, despite the intermittent posting lately, I have been busy, but today, I will pull my thumb out and help keep this going by opening the cafe again ^^...
  9. Dante

    Jim's Café - Thursday 11th February

    It seems you all went and forgot the Cafe on the 10th... for shame people, for shame... and as punishment, you get ME!*hysterical You poor fools! Well, lets get to the point. Today has some wonderful topics, today we celebrate: "Fat Thursday", "Peppermint Patty Day", "Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk...
  10. Dante

    Whamageddon 2020

    Im not sure which year it started, but I heard it on the radio a few years ago, they commented that it is impossible not to hear "Last Christmas" by Wham! at christmas time, so they extended the challenge to their listeners to avoid hearing it from December 1st to December 25th. I have played...
  11. Flying Fox

    Traditional/Folk Music Thread

    Hey, we have so many lovely music threads celebration different genres and artists and songs, how about a folk and traditional thread? I shall start this off with one of my all time favorites by a group called Faun.
  12. JDot

    KPop Thread

    We have a metal thread and a hip hop thread. I figured we could use a Kpop thread where we share our favorite Kpop songs. @Bergerac @Lilmeowmeow @Shelly @BlueGreen @PrincessPure @one6seven
  13. Lotus

    Song Quotes

    So many of you know i'm a huge audiophile. So ina bid to spread the joy (and pick up new tunes) I want to hear lyrics from songs that make you happy or resonate with you. Any takers?
  14. darkdaisy

    music that calms you down/makes you feel good?

    what music do you guys listen to when you get wound up or start having bad feelings? i listen to john mayer, lana del rey, jim croce, and 70’s and 80’s rock because that’s what i grew up listening to. any suggestions or recommendations? thank you:)
  15. LonelyLuna

    Calming Corner

    Welcome to the Calming Corner!!! I decided to make this thread for any media that's soothing and relaxing. Like calming music or satisfying videos/pictures that just help you destress. You can post anything that helps you calm down and might help others too, as long as it's appropriate! Well...
  16. SonjaRot

    Chaos Chaos - Do You Feel It?

    This song just makes me so happy I could DIE! a good way! Sharing some beautiful music with beautiful people. Hope you all have a good day <3
  17. JarlPypBoi

    I'm dying and only music can save me

    Any suggestions? I like Dead South, ICP, Black Sabbath, New Order, Adele, Ninja Sex Party, Rammstein, Finbar Furey, Johnny Cash, Elvis, Insane Poetry, Sex Pistols, Joy Division, Skinny Puppy and pretty much everything in between, hook me up with some sweet jams guys. Oh and Ghost B.C., their...
  18. Lotus

    Cheer up music

    So I've heard a lot of people talking about how music has gotten them through hard times. So what I'd like to do is start a thread about what everyone likes to listen to when they're down or angry. It can be one song or several, I want to hear anything you have to offer. The idea is to have a SF...
  19. IFeelLikeAnAlien95

    Blocking it out

    Am I the only one or does anyone else listen to music so loud you cant think/hear yourself. Using music to block out the fucked up things you're thinking...
  20. Battlecry

    Songs about suicide

    There are loads of posts here about music. I love it - I listen to a huge amount and have very eclectic taste. But when I'm in a dark place, I have googled songs about suicide. Morbid, but I've googled far worse when particularly unwell, as I'm sure we all have. There are more than you'd think...