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How to stay positive

I’m 18 years old. Eighteen. Seems pretty young. Yet amazingly, I’m already halfway through my life expectancy. Living with vascular EDS and severe lupus is awful. I’m not going to lie: it is terrible. I’m in the hospital more often than not, I’m in constant pain. Not to mention my grades are slipping and I’m a constant disappointment to my family. I was supposed to be a bright student, in her prime, learning my fourth language, making her family proud, living her best life. Instead I’m dying. Literally. Dying. The hospital staff know me by name: that’s how bad it’s gotten. I’m just wondering; whats the point when I’m going to die anyway? How do you stay positive and keep wanting to go on in life despite knowing it’s going to be so short, and so painful?


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I can't even begin to imagin how terrible that has got to be. I know of people with lupus, but EDS as well, that must really take it up to a whole new level. It's hard for me to say how you can stay positive without sounding like an ignorant asshole. But just so you know, I hear you, and get your frustrations.

The answer? I don't know, maybe make the most of it, when you can, while you can, and fuck what others may think.


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I'm sorry to hear you're suffering so much, and i'm so very sorry about the hand you've been dealt

I think you should make the most of what life has to offer, go out, have as much fun as you can, live your dreams and just enjoy your life even if you haven't got as much of it as you might like.


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Hey adrasteia

I can't say anything any better than what's been said above. I'm so sorry, life can be so unfair sometimes.

You don't have to live up to anyone's expectations other than your own. Fuck what anyone else wants, what do YOU want?

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