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I can't resist the Urge

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No no no, not THAT urge.

It does appear that almost everyone leaves the house these days with something in/on their ears. So they are obviously listening to something I assume. Some are that loud, I know they are listening to something, sadly, so am I, without much choice!

But so many people have a mobile/smart/android phone that will play music/videos and then we have iPods and MP3 players and the like. I am now one of those people. I got a dinky little MP3 player a few months ago and slowly but surely filled it with music. Some full albums I enjoy listening to, but mainly just songs of all sorts of music from a lot of different artists.

The thing is, once the headphones are on and the music is playing, I cant help but start tapping. Once I start tapping, I start mouthing the words of the song, because I know the lyrics of most of them and on a few occasions I have even sung some bits aloud for all to hear. Not a pleasant experience I can tell you.

Does anyone else do anything like that, or is just just the lunatic of the North?
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