I feel so stupid

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  1. Rockclimbinggirl

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    I am sitting here staring at problems and trying to figure them out. And I'm like what the heck. Why is this so hard? Or is it just me? Am I just missing something?
  2. Don't feel stupid! I'm sure u r w very intelligent person. I just think that figuring out problems takes time and certain actions must occur for u to realise the pieces of the puzzle! Don't give up. You'll get there finally!
  3. Frances M

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    It's not just you, trust me. I had that exact same feeling about 3 weeks ago. The issues I went through with my bf, plus all the financial trouble pending...I firstly felt stupid for putting myself in certain situations that made everything worse, I also felt like an idiot for not acting sooner, then an amateur for not reading fine lines of loan contracts...ridiculous, I'm 48, I should know how to keep my life together. Maybe you need to walk away from your the problem you're trying to figure out and come back to it?
  4. Brian777

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    Hey Rocky, what kind of problem are we dealing with here.....a math problem, personal problem? I know you're not stupid in fact you're pretty darn smart :) leave it be for awhile and come back to it. Take care my friend
  5. Rockclimbinggirl

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    It is a set of problems for one of my courses.

    Yeah I will take a break from it.
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