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I want to give up

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Hey there Kcho, you're having a hard time today :( I'm sorry my friend, I know how difficult it gets. I'm struggling a bit myself today, just trying to get out the door is hard for me today. I'd rather just hideaway from the world.
Intrusive thoughts are no fun :(


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There is no giving up, there is always hope. I suffer from intrusive thoughts too as you know and as tough as it is I am determined to not let it destroy me or interfere with my life. I think you should look into other medications as they can really help but be careful of memory loss from them and other side effects. You don't have to give up and give in, ready to fight this? we are right here by your side :)


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I'm sorry to hear you're having such a hard time. I have intrusive thoughts almost constantly, I know it really wears on you and eats away at your quality of life and your hope. I think it would be great if you processed some of those feelings with a long post on here, to help you to get out some of that deep pain. I know you are really hurting and I am sorry. Luckily, there are people here who understand.


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I know it's difficult hun, and I know giving up might seem easy. But it can get better. Please, please don't give up on yourself. You've been through a lot, but please keep talking to your therapist about this; let them help you fight this!


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i have a username on some forums/message boards that comes from my intrusive thoughts. i have them constantly and am always saying stuff in my head to try and block them. they started after i had been drinking for awhile. though i stopped drinking i still have intrusive thoughts but i've learned to deal with them. i want to end my life as well but love for my family keeps me going.
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