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Jim's Cafè - Monday 13th June

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Good morning guys and girls!

Starting the cafè early today! I'm just waking up before I get ready for my big day. I must have woken up every hour last night. I was most disappointed when I woke up thinking it was about 3am and it was only 11.30pm!!!

Think I will sneak in a tea before I get ready. I am feeling nervous this morning but I am sure when I get there I will be fine.

I hope everyone has a good day!


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It's not Monday for me yet, so it's still just almost the day of my surgery, and I'm really trying not to freak out.


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Morning lovely cafe peeps :)

I haven't had my first cup of tea for the day yet, so it isn't officially morning yet. Kettle is on though!!

@Butterfly - good luck! You will be awesome, obviously.

@baywasp - good luck for your surgery - don't freak out - the doctors know what they are doing. Hope it goes well!!


Have an AWESOME day :)


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Good luck on first day @Butterfly - I am sure wil do fine and they ar elucky to have you!

Will be thinking of you @baywasp - Take car eof yourself and make sure the Doctors and Nurses do to! Just ahd a minor surgery myself last week and the waiting night before was not fun- kind and positive thoughts going out to you from SF !

@Freya I hope you've had your morning tea buy now and day is going well

Dr appointment anxiety is common and stil sucks @Rockclimbinggirl - I really hoope it goes well and and is helpful to you/they are able to give some answers

I am going to spend a few hours working on gardens to finish primping them for the summer. Id a clear but cool day so really good day to try to get some outdoor work done. My knee is feeling much better after just 5 days and is really nice to be able to get out to work in garden finally even if is mid june and late to get going :)


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I woke up at 9 AM today. Initially, it was just to use the bathroom, but I thought "Whatever, I have to wake up in an hour anyway," so that's a first. I usually wake up at 11 AM - 1 PM. Could have used some more sleep, but I slept much better today, and I don't feel deprived of sleep like I did yesterday.

I scheduled an appointment with my doctor for noon tomorrow for my toe pain/infection. I wanted that for today, but no appointments were available. Not surprised -- it's Monday. Going to the gym sometime after midday, and from there -- no idea. It doesn't seem like there will be storms today, so hopefully my sister and I will do something with her kids later; no reason to lounge around for an entire day.


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I just finished having a housing inspection. Passed with flying colors - per norm.

Soon have to go to my dr's office for an INR test. (I'm on a blood thinner cuz of my artificial heart valve, and the test tells how my blood is coagulating.) Hopefully it'll be good this week. We've been having strong issues trying to get it stabilized. We've been working on it for two months, and it's very old trying already.

Then as soon as I'm done with that appt I head off to go meet with my therapist. I'm actually VERY nervous about this particular appt for the simple fact some MAJOR things will be discussed, and am concerned there won't be enough time to cover them all. This is one of those rare times when a 2nd appt in a week would be helpful, but it's not gonna happen. My therapist doesn't have anymore availability this week. :(


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@baywasp - I hope the surgery goes okay!

@Freya - I hope you managed to get your morning tea!

@NYJmpMaster - Hope you managed to get your garden work done! I would love to grow fresh veggies!

@Rockclimbinggirl - Glad the appointment went okay and that you have fun later!

@Inanimate - Glad you had a good nights sleep. Hope you have better luck with getting a doctors appointment and I hope you had a good workout at the gym!

@betteroffunknown - Hope your INR comes back okay. I know what a bloody pain INR and anti-coagulants can be. Getting warfarin dosed by the dr's used to be the bain of my life. Hope the therapist appointment goes well.

@Petal - Well done on the job and housing application. Be careful when meeting people from group out of group. When I did group therapy we were told that whilst therapy was ongoing we shouldn't form a relationship outside of the group. It was more for our own safety and well being. Of course now it's over I still keep in contact with my group and we go for coffee regularly :)

My first day was amazing! I am absolutely knackered now though. I sat for an hour in traffic this morning getting to work, and an hour and a half back. It normally takes me 25 minutes but of course, it was rush hour traffic! Had a really interesting day and was great meeting the team and seeing how things work and where I will fit in in the grand scheme of things. Got tea cooking now as I'm bloody starving! Then will take meds and go to bed methinks!


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Hey there everyone :) the penny just dropped as to how Jims Cafe works.......it takes me awhile lol.
I love it, great idea for keeping in touch with everyone. Got a late start today and a little behind on everything. Good job I'm retired :)
@Butterfly I'm sure you'll do very well in the new job :)
@Petal three excellent "good things" for you today :)
@betteroffunknown hope your appt. goes well:)
@Rockclimbinggirl have fun my friend and don't fall :)
@NYJmpMaster glad you're getting around after surgery Ben have a great day in the garden :)
@Freya Im just having my morning tea now, can't start the day without it, even though it's afternoon already :)
@baywasp hope the surgery went well and you're now recuperating :)
@Inanimate hopefully the Doc gives you an antibiotic for your toe, have a great day with you sister and the kids :)
Brian :)


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Well, I just finished with my therapy appt. We started about 5min late, but we went 55min instead of the scheduled 45, so that's good I guess. She also encouraged me to go to a women supporting women support group on Fri. I asked her what about the interview to join that group (cuz I was told before I'd have to do that to go), and she told me not to worry about that. She'll take care of it. Think my therapist was somewhat startled at the amount of anger I have right now. She said she's never seen me this angry, and I said that's probably because I haven't been this angry for 30+yrs. I HATE it when I'm angry!!

Got my INR done, and it's still not within the range it needs to be, but it is mega close. Will have to go back in again next week to have it checked again. Am REALLY looking forward to getting it stable so it won't require this much testing. So obviously it's still a work in progress.

Sorry about the rant, but thanks for listening!!


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Didn't do much work today, since I woke up late and also had to take care of my grandmother, but I managed to record another song. It seems like this new project will be finished in no time.

Witty⭐️Sarcasm ⭐️

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I didn't get much sleep. I woke up early because the landlord was supposed to stop by with some guys from the fire department. They were supposed to check for fire hazards. Well, they never showed up. They were supposed to be here at a certain time. My neighbor said they pushed it off a few days to clean out the garage. It would have been nice to have a hands up. My day was ok but that annoyed me.


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It doesn't seem like there will be storms today, so hopefully my sister and I will do something with her kids later; no reason to lounge around for an entire day.
WELP. I did work out today and also had a good run, and there was only a 15% chance of precipitation today -- IT STORMED, so I stayed home and just slept for 2 hours.
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