1. K

    Rejection from all angles

    For as long as I can remember, I have always had people who would call me a "friend" but would never act like they wanted to be my friend. I often hear/see these people go out together and have great times, but I'm always looking from the outside and never because I'm apart of it. I would be if...
  2. C

    How do you deal with having no friends?

    I got back from a 3 day comic con yesterday and it dawned on my how most of my fellow nerds there had friends and significant others. Basically all I have is my cousin and mother and those don’t count as friends in my opinion. It just sucks coming home and realizing how very alone I really am...
  3. A

    Would you rather have the shallow attention of millions, or the deep intimacy of one?

    A clear goal in mind yet aimlessly wandering, Maybe what I'm looking for isn't here on earth. Need to stop having nightmares of people that are no longer in my life. Rambling to myself. I didn't think I would ever start another thread considering how it went with my previous storytime here...
  4. Butterfly

    Jim's Cafè - Monday 13th June

    Good morning guys and girls! Starting the cafè early today! I'm just waking up before I get ready for my big day. I must have woken up every hour last night. I was most disappointed when I woke up thinking it was about 3am and it was only 11.30pm!!! Think I will sneak in a tea before I get...
  5. mulberrypie

    Abandoned By Closest Friend I've Ever Had

    Today I found someone I considered my best friend for nearly 8 years hasn't felt the same way about me in a while. This was someone I loved like a sister and would have done anything for. I was planning to travel 1,000 miles to meet her for 3 days, just to hug her and tell her face-to-face how...
  6. CandleLight

    Toxic social media, or: yoga on horseback

    Some of you know I am having a really hard time feeling like Facebook friends don't care about me at all, and I am mourning the loss of some formerly important friendships I once had. I spent a little time here in San Francisco yesterday with two friends back to visit California, after they...