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Jim's Cafe - Friday 23rd February

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Eccentric writer, general weirdo, heedless heathen
My tooth still hurts, so I will have to chew the sweets carefully. Only worked 2 hours today, walked in slush that is like quicksand, so I am glad to be home and starting on the weekend.
Hi all and thanks for the invites. Looks like the food and drink is all sorted and lookin great.

Since I still can't afford to fill the oil tank up, my house is currently around the seven degree mark so I'm only too glad to be at work! I'm not complaining, at least I have a roof over my head unlike some, but was wondering if @Lilyfrog or someone could knock me up one of these:
View attachment 6243

I've also brought along some fun sleeping bags for us to go in @Lulabelle 's fort:
View attachment 6251
View attachment 6250
View attachment 6249
View attachment 6248
View attachment 6246
View attachment 6244

And a couple especially for @bubblebear baby!
View attachment 6245
View attachment 6247

And obviously one for the hogs:
View attachment 6242

Come and give me some warm hugs @unlucky me @BumbleBee @JustLovely @AsphyxiateOnWords @Kira @JacsMom @sassy123 @Petal @Kiwi2016 @JulieDegraw @yonk @Pagan @Charlieb10088 @Kereviz @crumbum @DrownedFishOnFire @Lynne1974 @Anne Charlotte @JmpMster @Acy @MarkahMalady @Rockclimbinggirl @JD4010 @Endlessagony @Kalicka @Ineluki @drinty @Innocent Forever @walkerbait95 @Winter Blues @gypsylee @SonjaRot @sedamDanaLjeta @dtc @sunnypseudo and as many as you can bring with you..I need body heat! :oops:
Karmiiiiiiiit I'll give you me warmth if you can receive it.though im one of those peoples who are cold:) but 2 or more are better to warm each other. Hugssss
Sry these few days i have delays in answering.its 25 feb today.got few problems.but im still here:D im cold at 9c even 11c.i hope you get warm and be one of people that are always warm bodily.cause you're in inside;)
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