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Jim's Cafe - Friday 2nd March

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I've dug my way out of the house, through the snow and am opening up the cafe.

We've got no power in our village and it's not supposed to be back on until this evening. It's sooooo cold and can't even make a coffee :(

Thankfully there's a wood stove here, it's lovely and warm and the coffee is flowing...


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Been worried about power outages too Lu now that Storm Emma has joined forces with the Beast from the East. I've got heating on full blast and am still shivering. I just read that the UK has only a 15 day supply of gas reserves, compared to about a year in the US. Glad for the woodburning stove. I can actually feel the heat!



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Omg, can't bear to imagine what that's like. I'm fully dressed, under a duvet with a thick fleece blanket on top and still can't stay warm. Wish I had one of those bearded beanies.

The army has been drafted in to rescue stranded drivers in some areas, and ferry medical staff to and from hospitals. And its going to get worse!
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I saw you guys' "snow" on the news and was laughing cause when you guys ask if it snowed here and it looks like that outside I say "no", because that's not "snow", that's a flurry or a dusting. I don't know. It's gotta be SNOW for me to say it's SNOWED. Lightweights.


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I NEED those!

It is bad though... hundreds of drivers have been stranded in snow overnight on major roads, with gusts of wind of up to 90mph battering down on them as well.


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Happy Friday to all! I hope its a warm one for those with snow (however much) in their forecast. I really should go grocery shopping but do hate that chore so much. Also the carpets need vacuuming. Oh well, here is some coffee and bits and bobs @bobbob lol for our morning repast.

and for the hearty English who need to be warm I give you the full English breakfast!

I hope everyone has a blessed day and a good night (whichever it is for you at this time)
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Thanks lulabelle. Warmth definitely needed today. Cold rainy. And my feet and legs are presently wet almost to my knees. And I was just wishing I'd find a way to warm up and there it was, your invitation. I love pancakes so I'll be happy to be persuaded to make a few batches. I didn't want to go to work anyway.


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thx angie, it's night time here
i'm completely wrecked, it's been a very loooooooooong day. i'm having ice cream tonight and some cookies


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thank you, @Lulabelle for the mention :)
ah, yes, i heard about storm Emma too. i saw football matches still being held, and the supporters wear super thick jacket covered with snow. looks super cold ~

today's photo ch is about "something borrowed". well ~
i borrowed a shirt, with indian pictures on it. i borrowed a sport pants also. from different friends of mine x)
sb1.jpg sb2.jpg
(not real items, but kinda looks like them ~)

still kinda guilty, i haven't return them. but it's alr quite long. i met the persons, but it seems they didn't remember :p mine for the moment
i'm sure there're plenty, but i can't or don't wanna remember, i dunno ehehe xP

have a good Friday, everyone. and don't mistake it for saturday, like i do. demmit, i thought it was saturday xD tomorrow i still work. sunday is the free day ~

charley spring

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