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Jim's Cafe March 26 2017

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Good day all you lovely patrons, the cafe is open!

I figured today we'd have ourselves some breakfast burritos! What would you like on yours? We have a lovely variety of ingredients thanks to @baywasp and @walkerbait95 visiting the farmer's market.

@Acanthi and @Silverpuddle are on coffee and tea duty. @Kira75 and @Sunday16 have brought in classical guitars to help aid digestion :cool:

We also got a fruit buffet loaded with fresh healthy treats for everyone. Please mind the sneeze guard :D

Wishing all you amazing patrons a beautiful day. It's raining here and I couldn't be happier. Also, no challenge today except be good to yourselves.
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Haven't really been here in a while. Still struggling a lot right now. Have to work on the paperwork to take a medical leave of absence from school this semester. At least I can still be involved in rugby, as far as I know. Yesterday we had a game. It was much better than last week's short tournament. We had a lot of fun, even though we lost again. It was a good day for me, but it didn't last unfortunately. Tomorrow I have my intensive outpatient group for three hours, and then hopefully practice won't be canceled this week. I have to make up for how badly I did on Thursday when I was too depressed to focus.


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@DrownedFishOnFire :)

Not sure what March Madness is exactly. Guessing sports finals of some sort. I'm from Australia so not quite up with other countries sports, but...

Round 1 of the AFL season kicked off on the weekend and my team won!! SO, SO incredibly happy that the football is back! I get kind of lost during the off season. Lol. But there's nothing better than starting the season with a win!!

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Came to say hi but no one has opened for a couple days so I'm posting here instead. Hello everyone. Thinking of you all. Don't have a lot of words to jot down right now but you're all in my thoughts. I'm around somewhere... in and out... xo
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