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So as I've only done this once before will need all the help that I can get to open the cafe :) Didn't see another posting so hopefully I am not duplicating a thread---if so for those who know how to do it don't hesitate to merge threads....

So come one and all... did manage to find the keys...

s0 thought would bring some iced coffee as seems to be hot everywhere....


Will leave it up to others to bring munchies and treats and challenge as I'm still working on my first cup of coffee...not sure how new tag thing works so hopefully this will work...

Wishing all a great Monday ....


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Well done for opening the cafe @Kiwi2016 I could drink one of those gorgeous iced coffees right now. I've just got home from a manic day at work and fired up the bbq.

Apparently today is World UFO day.
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And here's one especially for you @HumanExMachina
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Come and join the cafe today @sassy123 @Innocent Forever @MagickLynx @Petal @Ash600 @RCee @baywasp @Walker @Witty_Sarcasm @bobbob
Hi Woo. Glad having bbq; sounds fun. Though on today of all days please be aware of risk of alien abduction if cooking food outside.
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